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"the beatles were the best band to ever live" 

lol …. ok…. one direction though? 

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god I am so tired of people throwing roses at my feet as I walk by

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Namaste means “my soul recognizes yours” not “I tripped really hard at a festival once and now I’m filled with the wisdom of the Earth”

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Women dressed as mermaids in Disneyland 1960

HOLLERS NO U DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!! Disney hired teenagers in the 60’s to literally be mermaids they held open auditions and the only requirements were that you had long hair and were a strong swimmer and they gave them mirrors and other props and they literally spent their days swimming and waving I heard a story once about sailors visiting the park and one of them jumped in with the mermaids THIS WAS JUST„ SO COOL I WANT TO BE A MERMAID! YELLs

I know someone whose Mom was one of the mermaids, it’s all very cool.

They had to stop because of the chlorine affecting the girls and because of men trying to jump in to get to them.
I would have loved to see Disneyland mermaids today though!

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Guys I was with my Boyfriend and I stole his shoe and I raN AND I HIT MY FOOT AND LITERALLY I FELL AND SCREAMED “BLACK COCK DOWN”


wow i really like this song i think i’m gonna listen to it 1 maybe 60 more times

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I’ve never seen Calum do anything so iconic +

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*listens to an acoustic performance*

ohhh so that’s what they’re saying

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at 2:10 Harry takes a quick peak at the interviewers boobs


then looks at Niall


then the camera turns to him


then he realizes he’s being filmed


im laughign so hard they can’t be sly for shit

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wait a minute this isn’t my homework

this is tumblr

how did this happen

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